Digital Forensic Investigations

The digital forensic investigations which Ambient Data conducts are performed using a strict methodology which ensures consistent quality. The typical investigation begins with requirement gathering interviews and the collection of digital media for forensic imaging. Once analysis is complete the client will receive the report and media device being investigated returned.

During the entire process, a strict chain of custody log is maintained, identifying who was in possession of the digital media, including location, time and relevant notes. This chain of custody log is also used as a procedure checklist when conducting forensic investigations, ensuring all steps are recorded for later reference. As client care is always top of mind, our experts ensure clients are continuously updated throughout the stages of investigation.

The term “forensic” is used in the description of this service due to the possibility of the digital evidence being presented to the courtroom. Although most cases do not typically make it to the courtroom if they do however, the litigation process should be prepared with proper forensically-sourced evidence should presentation to the court become a reality. Ambient Data treats all investigations as though they will find their way to the courtroom therefore ensuring consistent quality assurance and excellence in every engagement.

Expert Witness for Information Technology Matters

Ambient Data has decades of experience working in all areas of information technology. Experience with analysis, design, implementation, optimization and troubleshooting, project and people management. Information technology expertise in areas such as: telecommunications, voice and data networks, Voice over IP, security architectures including firewalls, network and host intrusion prevention/detection, network protocols, file servers, directory servers, laptops, servers, email servers, cloud-based servers and applications, and various other areas of information technology. We have worked for private companies, as well as major corporations including Xerox, Deloitte Consulting, Nortel, Cisco and Microsoft.