Many firms do not have the time, expertise or resources to manage an effective cyber security solution or investigations. Ambient Data works with your people and within your organization, bringing our expertise and experience to the table. We are trusted, engaged, and effective.

Ambient Data offers the following services:

Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital evidence  is located within almost any electronic media capable of storing data, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, workstations, servers, external hard drives, USB thumb drives, GPS devices, and many other sources. Ambient Data uses a variety of open source and industry-leading tools in the course of an investigation, utilizing the same digital forensic equipment used by global law enforcement, military and intelligence agencies. With our expert consultants and the use of proven and trusted tools and software, you can be confident in our findings.

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Cyber-Security Design & Consulting

Cyber Security is a critical necessity for most companies to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data, systems, and networks. Ambient Data leverages decades of experience dealing with cyber threats and defenses. Consulting services are available to address network security architectures, zero-day attack prevention, advanced persistent threat mitigation, social engineering threats, voice and data communications security, and various related areas of information security.

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What is Forensic Data?


All situations are unique, but many challenges are shared. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs in several key industries. Ambient Data offers tailored services for the following industries:

Legal Professionals

Overworked legal professionals often fail to notice digital evidence that could be the tipping factor in a case. Utilizing Ambient Data’s expertise can strengthen case files with greater accuracy and lawfully and forensically sourced digital evidence. Digital evidence can corroborate the legal professional’s position by providing contextual and specific evidence regarding a client’s claim. This evidence is relevant to both civil and criminal litigation and investigations.

Financial Services

Forensic accountants and other financial services professionals can gain a sense of confidence knowing the data they are analyzing is seized, secured, imaged and examined using digital forensic best practices and procedures. This provides a clean data source for the financial services professional to perform their own analysis, whether it is located in spreadsheets, emails, documents, databases, or other media.

Corporate Investigations

The employees in your organization are continuously generating and working with massive quantities of electronic documents and data, leaving digital footprints. When employees violate Acceptable Use Policies or use corporate computing devices for inappropriate conduct, digital forensics can help prove or defend such a claim. Human resources or in-house legal counsel can utilize Ambient Data’s services in cases of inappropriate use of a company’s corporate computing devices.

The actions of a single employee can potentially lead to criminal charges against the company. Corporate security matters, such as trade secret and intellectual property theft, violations of acceptable use policies and breaches of confidentiality issues, can all be investigated using digital forensics.

Ambient Data works with corporations to forensically image devices upon employees leaving the company, providing forensically sound evidence of employee usage of such devices. If a legal matter arises in the future, the corporation has the most accurate depiction of the user’s activity up until the employment of the corporation.

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement personnel face ever-tightening deadlines and stress from piling caseloads and looming court dates. Cyber-crime is increasing, yet law enforcement forensics personnel often lack necessary tools or resources to operate. As the burdens on law enforcement forensics personnel increase, so do the challenges of rapidly acquiring and sharing potential evidence. Ambient Data can support law enforcement service’s digital forensics staff by bringing years of industry experience, forensic tools and additional resources.

Education Professionals

Cyber-bullying and cyber-stalking are escalating problems for today’s students and educators. Unfortunately, bullying now occurs constantly as much of the activities occur over mobile devices and computers. Believing in proactive approaches, we offer forensic professional speaker sessions free of charge at schools to educate students on the hardware storage process during cyber bullying, in which the digital footprints are everlasting and serve as convincing evidence of bullying. It is our hope that educating students on the reality of permanent digital footprints can help curb the existence of cyber-bullying and inappropriate online behaviour. If serious bullying cases are reported, Ambient Data can perform forensic examination of mobile phone and computers upon request.

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