Our commitment to you is simple: we provide leading-edge digital forensic investigation and proven cyber-security consulting services to your business.

Ambient Data, a digital forensics and cyber security consulting firm, brings over 20 years of industry experience to every case. Over the past two decades, we’ve worked with firms and organizations including: the Canadian Forces; Securicor Armoured Car Service (formerly Loomis Armoured Car Service); Xerox; Deloitte Consulting; Nortel; Cisco Systems; and Microsoft.

Ambient Data brings a combination of military experience and knowledge, along with a proven track record in telecommunications, data restoration and security operations, to every one of our clients. Challenge is what drives our success.

Our History

Ambient Data gained invaluable experience with disaster recovery planning, business continuity planning, and data recovery during the 9/11 terrorist attacks. During this time, Bryan McCaffrey, Ambient Data’s Chief Executive Officer and lead digital forensic investigator, was sent to New York City to assist Deloitte Consulting in managing the disaster. This unique challenge helped us recognize the importance of people, process and technology considerations within security operations, and focused us on developing unique data recovery techniques in a time of crisis.

In 2009, Bryan was once again asked to assist in a disaster situation. Chapman’s, the largest independent ice cream manufacturer in Canada, experienced a factory fire that completely destroyed their physical plant and offices, along with their data center. Once more, proving the importance of disaster planning and data recovery regardless of the business.

Our evolution of providing digital forensic services began in these types of situations, where the unthinkable becomes reality. As digital forensics relies on similar concepts, methodologies and tools used in data recovery, the transition was natural. After the successful management of the Chapman’s disaster, we knew that our strength lay in proven and effective methodologies within digital forensic investigation and security.